Showastyle shopping in Sao Paulo (1/4)

What we do with Showastyle is pretty simple, we highlight clothing styles in different parts of the world and we higlight the creative people wearing them.

We do this by running down the streets and take pictures of people we deem fashionable.

In Sao Paulo we coupled a little competition to our concept, we posted the pictures on our facebook page and we took our winner Leticia on a shopping spree in the city.

The journey starts at Galleria Ouro Fino  … to be found here 😀

show-a-style_07 copy

Leticia is delighted to try on a vintage 1920’s style hat in the ‘Let it Be’ shop

show-a-style_01 copyp.

What do you think of this cute black accessoire?

show-a-style_04 copy show-a-style_05 copy

Doesn’t it look good on her?

Would this be an asset to your own collection?

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All pictures by Marcelo

Military Coats :-) We like em

A couple of weeks ago we were in Cherkassy and had the chance to encounter this girl on one of our streetstyle sessions.

She is wearing a Military type coat with nice highlighted chromed buttons.

To top it off she accessorised with a lila scarf and gorgeous vintage shoulderbag.



If you want to recreate this style be sure to check out the following links:

– All military coats found on polivore

– Military style coat by Mango

– A Moleskin jacket by Mint Velvet

A weekend in Yalta

The Showastyle Ukraine team had left from Cherkassy with a ton of pictures displaying the typical street style of that wonderful city along the Dnipro.

So we wondered where to go next on our Ukraine style tour, and our eye fell on Yalta.


Who has’n heard of Yalta hasn’t heard of a wonderful pittoresque city in the very southern tip of the Krimean peninsula. In summer it is the prime resort for Ukrainian tourists who flock in mass over the lengthy boulevard running along the coast line. Yalta is filled with shops, very classy and for Ukrainian standards pretty expensive boutiques.

But this time we didn’t come for the boutiques, we came for the people 🙂

Our first photo session was at night, a first for us, but it was a great experience, we ran into some stylish people near the harbour and most of them were pretty willing to have their shots taken. Next day we had a stroll on the boulevard and Yalta in daylight didn’t disappoint us, people dress up in this city, just the way we like it.

We are happy to bring these pictures to you, so you can see how the Ukrainian people dress up and walk the streets.

Feel free to let us know what we think, and maybe who knows, one day we will meet in your city?

All pictures can be seen on our Ukrainian VK page and a selection will be posted on our Facebook page. Enjoy!

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A weekend in Cherkassy, Street looks

Octobre, Cherkassy, Ukraine.

The fall has set on the forest of Cherkassy, one of the larger cities in Ukraine, about 200 km from Kiev, it is set where the Dnipro river is at its widest. A lovely place, with beautiful nature and eastern Europe charm.

Our photographer for the day is the talented Vlad Tsybulsky, you can check out his website here:

We start our session in the Forest, near Cherkassy’s infamous Face Wall, and work our way into the city center, stopping at shopping centre Liubava and continuing on the streets.

Finally we arrive at Cherkassy’s Bierstube (better known as simply Eric) where we take our last pictures.

You can see some here, more in the following days to come, and all on our page.

A selection will be shown at our page.

Enjoy and let us know what you think 🙂

IMG_7334 IMG_7312 IMG_7315 IMG_7251 IMG_7237  IMG_7208

Showastyle goes Vintage in Belgium

This summer MEC organised a vintage market and Showastyle’s Belgian photographer Ken Bekaert Photography was there with a portable photostudio to deliver some state of the art pictures for you to enjoy.

Ever wanted to go back to the 50′s or 60′s?
Then take a look at these wonderful images and dream away of vintage glitter and glamour. Enjoy!

Check out the Album

The Showastyle team